Please find a list of our most asked questions below;

1. What are the Facemasks made of ? – Our Facemasks are made in 100% Cotton (We may occasionally use 60/40 PolyCotton). We do NOT use any kind of wadding or padding as this may help harbour the particles that we are trying to resist.

2. Where are the Facemasks made ? – Our Facemasks are made in Great Britain. We have our own team of seamstresses who either work in our small production unit, or from home. If any of out team or their families are unwell for any reason they are stood down from making further products for a period of 14 Days (We still pay their wages during this time).

3. How are the Facemasks sent out ? – We send all of our packs out by Royal Mail, first class delivery. They are usually sent out within 24 hours of the order being received. However due to the current COVID-19 Interruption we are experiencing high volumes of orders and we ask our customers to be aware of short delays in shipping may occur due to factors outside of our control. Please stay safe.

4. Can the Facemasks be returned ? – When you receive your masks they will be packed in an inner polybag which has been sealed with a sticker. If you want to return your products then please DO NOT break this seal, and complete our returns for that can be found HERE. If the product is faulty, please complete the same form. Please DO NOT just return the product to us as it may not be refunded.

5. Will the Facemask protect me against Coronavirus / Covid-19 ? – Our Facemasks are not N95 certified. They will not be 100% effective against preventing Covid-19 micro-organisms. A study in 2013 (Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness / FirstView Article / July 2013, pp 1 ­ 6 DOI: 10.1017/dmp.2013.43, Published online: 22 May 2013) suggested that when an N95 certified surgical facemask is not available a Cotton Facemask would be a better alternative than having no protection at all.

6. When i receive my Facemask, what should i do ? – Once you receive your product, and are satisfied with it, we suggest that you put it through a 60° wash upon opening of the packet. This will help eradicate any micro-organisms that may be on the product.